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Famous Male Musicians

John Lennon
  • as a young child, Lennon was a prankster who enjoyed getting into trouble.
  • his school master felt that Lennon would excel in an art school for college, because he didn't earn good grades, and had some musical talent.
  • Lennon is one of the most iconic members of the Beatles

B. B. King

  • he loved music from a young age; he taught himself how to play the guitar
  • he was an ambitious person and moved to Memphis to make a name for himself and found his big break when he performed on Sonny Boy Williamson's radio show.

Famous Female Musicians and their Contributions

Kelly Clarkson
  • made it big because of a chance she made auditioning for American Idol
  • won a Grammy Award for Best Pop Vocal Album and her music is still popular and heard on the radio today

Selena Quintanilla

  • considered the Queen of Tejano, a style of Mexican music that incorporates other musical styles, like country music.
  • at age 10, she became the lead singer of her family band (Selena y Los Dinos)
  • she won a Grammy Award for best Mexican-American album

Famous Musicians with Impairments and their Contributions

Ludwig van Beethoven
  • is one of the greatest composers who bridged the gap between the Classical and Romantic periods of music.
  • he wrote a number of pieces, including his 9, still performed, symphonies.
  • he went deaf by age 44 and wrote his famous "Symphony No. 9 - Ode to Joy"

Stevie Wonder

  • he was born blind, though he showed an early interest in music.
  • he taught himself harmonica, piano and guitar all before age 10
  • he won the Lifetime Achievement Award for at the Grammy Awards

Famous Athlete Musicians and their Contributions

Alexi Lalas
  • one of the most notable names in soccer during his international career
  • rocked the electric guitar

Mike Piazza

  • one of the best catchers in all of baseball
  • rocks on the drums