When I was ur man

Bruno mars

State composer-this song is written Bruno mars.

Title- the song is called when I was your man.

What type of music - the type of music pop.

About him - Bruno mars is 28 and he was born October 8 1985.

He has been inspired by music ever since he was little.

Instrument - there is only one instrument in this song and it is the piano.

Where did u hear this song - I heard this song on the radio when it first came out.when I first heard this song I new from the start I liked it.

What do u like about this song - I like this song because it tells you about how hard it is to go through a break up with someone you really like. This song is really catchy

Some of his songs


Locked out of heaven-2012

Just the way you are- 2003

Lazy song-2010

When I was your man-2012