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November 9. 2020

October Terrific Tigers

October 2020 Terrific Tigers
Announcing our October Terrific Tigers representing COURAGE! Addison & Jacob (grade 6), Rozailyn & Jeremiah (grade 5), Jayce & Kale (grade 4), Jacob & Jaksyn (grade 3), Lucy & Brantley (grade 2), Jocelyn & Ben (grade 1) and Leah & Chevy (kindergarten). When you see them, please congratulate them on being such positive influences in our school family!

November's PAWS-itive Character Trait...


The PAWSITIVE Character Trait for the month of November is RESPECT. Respectful people treat other people the way that they want to be treated, listen to what other people have to say, and like yourself enough to be yourself.

Tiger Point Weekly Tallying

WOW! We are really racking up the Tiger Points around here!

Kindergarten - 5,463

Grade 1 - 3,853

Grade 2 - 2,744

Grade 3 - 3,691

Grade 4 - 3,291

Grade 5 - 5,141

Grade 6 - 3,325

For a grand total of 27,508 Tiger Points so far this school year Keep up the great work, MES!

2020-2021 PBiS Goal

Did you know that as of November 6, 2020, 98% of our students have one or fewer behavior referrals? 391 out of our 400 students have received one or fewer behavior referrals for discipline thanks to our school-wide support and commitment to PBiS (Positive Behavior Intervention & Supports)! Our students are making great choices and learning quickly to avoid repeating bad ones!

Our overall goal is to have 85% or more of our kids receive one or fewer minor/major behavior referrals this school year. We are on track to meet that ambitious and worthwhile goal!

Tiger Tuesdays

TOMORROW we will have our second TIGER TUESDAY! Staff and students are encouraged to wear Maplewood gear or black and gold to show school spirit!

Why Promote PBiS?

Frequently, the question is asked, "Why should I have to teach kids to be good? They already know what they are supposed to do. Why can I not just expect good behavior?"

In the past, school-wide discipline has focused mainly on reacting to specific student misbehavior by implementing punishment-based strategies including reprimands, loss of privileges, office referrals, suspensions, and expulsions. Research has shown that the implementation of punishment, especially when it is used inconsistently and in the absence of other positive strategies, is ineffective. Introducing, modeling, and reinforcing positive social behavior is an important step of a student's educational experience. Teaching behavioral expectations and rewarding students for following them is a much more positive approach than waiting for misbehavior to occur before responding. The purpose of school-wide PBIS is to establish a climate in which appropriate behavior is the norm.

Hybrid Schedule (ABABC)

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Student Meals

Elementary Student Meals will be delivered to your child's classroom aƚ ƚhe end of ƚhe day and placed directly into the child's backpack. Please check your child's backpack after-school to freeze or refrigerate all items until they are used. All items will be packed frozen or refrigerated to help maintain temperate control.

  • K-3 students will receive a bag of meals on the last in-person instructional day of the week that contains food for any at-home instructional days, weekends and holidays that occur before their next in-person instructional day.
  • 4-6 students will receive a bag at the end of each in-person instruction to cover all at-home instructional days, weekends and holidays.

Example Meal Distribution Schedule

  • Monday A Day students Receive 2 Meals Tuesday and Thursday
  • Tuesday B Day students Receive 2 Meals Wednesday and Friday
  • Wednesday A Day students Receive 3 Meals Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • Thursday B Day Students Receive 3 Meals Saturday, Sunday and Monday
  • Thursday K-3rd Grade Students Receive 3 Meals Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Internet Access

There is assistance for families needing internet access!

  • Please check here (about halfway down the page) to see if your utility company is participating in a program to offer help
  • PENNCREST School District has partnered with several community organizations to set up local hotspots for public access. District issued technology should automatically connect otherwise to access the internet at these sites. If not, join the "PSD_Guest" network. Here is a list of those locations.

  • Contact us in the office for information about Crawford County Community Support Services regarding free internet. We can help you determine if you are eligible for this service and make that referral for you.


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Picture Re-Takes have been moved to November 10 and 11 to accommodate our hybrid schedule.

November 9 - Hybrid Schedule Begins (ABABC)

November 11 - Quarter 1 Grades Finalized in PowerSchool

November 10 & 11 - Picture Re-Takes

November 16 - Report Cards Sent Home With Students


December 7 - 11 - Hour of Code Week

December 23 - January 1 - NO SCHOOL - MERRY CHRISTMAS!


Our Sponsors

We are so fortunate to have local businesses and organizations support the powerful work that we are doing at MES. Please consider returning the favor by supporting them! Also, if you own a business or know of a business that would like to contribute to our school, please contact Erin Fonzo, Principal of Maplewood Elementary School, by calling (814)337-1659 or emailing efonzo@penncrest.org

Our Students ROAR!

We LOVE having the opportunity to help our students succeed and we're very proud of them for repeatedly making the right choices. We hope you are as excited as we are about the great work that the students have been doing. Our recent SWPBiS evaluation confirms what we already know..... MES is PAWS-itively the BEST!