Scarlet Pimpernel: Hero Undercover

The Voice of the Aristocrats - Disguised Genius Uncovered

Wednesday, September 25, 1792 Aristocratic England News Edition 1: $0.75

Aristocrats vs. The French

In Paris, France, History is taking place starting with the French Revolution. The French have rebelled against the King & Queen and The Aristocrats in an effort to gain Liberty and their "supposed" freedom. At this very moment, across the channel, a mob gathers at Paris' West Barricade to witness the beheading of more than a hundred Aristocrats. It is rumored that a band of Englishmen are at work with "The Scarlet Pimpernel" to help the Aristocrats escape from the knife of the Guillotine. The indefinable, cunning Scarlet Pimpernel saves the lives of the condemned aristocrats leaving behind his signature, A Star-shaped flower, also known as the Scarlet Pimpernel. Meanwhile, the escaped French Aristocrats are awaited at The Fishermen's' Rest. "Why, I wouldn't so much as drink a glass of ale with one o' them murderin' Frenchmen and nothin' 'd make me change my opinions." stated Mr.Jellyband, Host of The Fishermen's Rest. This opinion takes firm-root in everybody's minds who are against the so called "murderin' Frenchmen or them frog-eaters." Basically, Mr.Jellyband appears to be a loyalist and an anti-revolutionist of The French Revolution. Although, the government seems to favor the French rebellions, who murdered their King and all their nobility.

The Fishermen's Rest

The French Aristocrats that have escaped have already forgotten about their troubles. They are meeting upon The Fishermen's Rest. A new life begins for them. Among these includes the Comtesse de Tourney and her two children. Sadly, her dear husband has been left behind and still remains in the depths of Paris. Minutes after arriving, The Comtesse accuses Marguerite St. Just of sending an entire aristocratic family to Madame la Guillotine even though she married an Englishmen named Sir Percy Blakeney. The Comtesse refuses to talk to Marguerite, and above all, she forbids her daughter to speak to her. Seeing his mother's hate for Marguerite, The Comtesse's son challenges Sir Percy to a duel. Although, luckily it is avoided. Meanwhile, outside of the Fishermen's Rest, Lady Blakeney gives a farewell to her brother, Armand St. Just, since he is off to Paris. Secretly, they discuss whether or not she should confess the truth about her blame for condemning a family, which is the reason of the lack of love between Lady Blakeney's and Sir Percy's Relationship. With this intention, Marguerite refuses to tell Percy the truth thinking he has already lost his love for her and it wouldn't make a difference, since he fully supports the Scarlet Pimpernel and is against the use of The Guillotine, especially when it is beheading the aristos.

The French Officer

Before long, there has been a look out for the French Officer, Chavelin, searching for escaped aristos. Beware, he is not at all what he seems to be. After all, every hero needs a villain. Chavelin always tries to find out a way to get what he wants, even if it means acting as desperate as he could be. Desperate enough to have the audacity to blackmail Lady Blakeney into helping him uncover the real identity of The Scarlet Pimpernel using a letter from Armand St. Just to her that could have gotten him executed. Lady Blakeney soon comes to a path of loyalties, choosing between The Scarlet Pimpernel and her brother. Identity Revealed: The Scarlet Pimpernel is Sir Percy Blakeney.

The End of This Love Story

There is more to this story than just the identity. Of course the Scarlet Pimpernel had his troubled times as well. When locked up by Chavelin, posed as a disguised Jew beaten up by his men, Marguerite takes a leap of courage to save her dear husband. Upon freeing him, they rejoice, thus restoring their love for each other. At last, this happily ever after concludes with a romantic, courageous story of Sir Percy Blakney & Lady Blakeney, and the rescue of the remaining fugitives.