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GATE Seminar!

Please pass the are all invited to attend the 3rd annual Georgia Assistive Technology in Education one day Seminar. Lakshmi has said that anyone is welcome to attend, however she cannot be responsible for paying for subs or travel at this time. Click on this link to access registration information:
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Boardmaker Info!

Adaptedlearning, boardmakershare, boardmakerachieve, boardmakeronline = BOARDMAKER COMMUNITY!

This website has undergone NUMEROUS name changes! They recently came out with a FOR PAY product called (wait for it) Boardmaker Online. Now you are really confused! If you are used to using the FREE site, I'm betting you are having difficulty logging in this year. It's because they are now referring to the free site as the BOARDMAKER COMMUNITY. Don't's still free! It's just that the link on the site directs you to the wrong place. Please use the link below to access the free BOARDMAKER COMMUNITY:


Please know that I have Start to Finish books that you can check out. These are auditory and visual electronic books that are simplified classic works of literature. See the list of available titles on the AT website:

To understand more about these types of electronic books , visit this site: Start to Finish

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FYI: The AT website password for some of the pages is: exedat

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