Myers brigg


The four letters of my type are INTJ. The name of my personality is a strategist. Introversion is inward thinking or self reflection rather than outward expression through words or action. When I get around crowds I get back instead of going into the crowd. Intuition is when you understand something immediately. In basketball I know where to pass it to that spot because the play has been designed to get the ball to that person. Thinking is when you use though or rational judgment. When taking a multiple test I use my thoughts to reflect upon alternative answers to select the most possibly answer. Judgment is to be able to make decisions and come to a sensible conclusions. When interacting with people on a daily basis I use my morals, ethics, values and the “golden rule” to determined my actions and reactions to people,situtations and problems I face. I share my personalities with Jordan Walton and Mark Zuckerburg.