Why NOT Planet Earth?

By: Mackenzie Seace

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Ever thought about Earth?

You might be wanting to take a vacation this year and I assure Earth will be the best place to take that dream vacation. In fact there's no place better! I don't know where you're coming from, that may be Mars or even Saturn but a break from the old routine would be nice so pack up those bags and have "Earth Space Liners" shuttles take you here. Like the warm weather? Great! We'll have you booked in a place that can't escape the sun. More of a cold person? Well that's not a problem we'll take you to the poles right away. Neptune getting a little hectic and can't catch a break? Then come to Earth and we will have you in the most luxurious conditions, it will be hard to find a reason to leave. Whatever your planet is lacking Earth has got it and we will be sure to accommodate you to any situation you're in. So pack up those bags and take a little time off, Earth will be the perfect place.

A little bit to know about Earth...

So before you take a trip here you would probably want to know the details of your future paradise and getaway. Upon arriving you will see...

-an Earth with the radius of 3,959 miles

-The Earth has one moon in which we use as a natural satellite

-The Earth is blue and green from a space view, the blue representing water and the green representing land

On Earth we have four seasons they are caused by earth's axis. The four seasons are summer, winter, fall, and spring. Rotation is the spinning of Earth on its axis but while on Earth you can not feel the spinning motion. Revolution is the period of time it takes Earth to orbit the sun. Our energy comes from nuclear fission or the sun. You may have noticed that planets generally come in a circular shape and this is why, it has sufficient mass for its self-gravity to overcome rigid body forces so that is assumes a nearly round shape. Earth has light years. light years is the amount of time it takes light to travel in one year. And that is 186,000 miles per second. The force that is responsible for our galaxy is gravity. So now that you have read a few things on Earth you will have all the details to plan your perfect vacation on Earth.

Some activities to do on Earth

Well we certainly don't want you to be bored when you come to Earth. So that's why Earth is filled with so many fun things to do. You could hike mountain trails or swim in the ocean. You could attend sporting events and cheer for your favorite team. If those activities aren't your thing than you could go ride roller coasters and feel the thrill of your life. Maybe the thrill isn't for you so you could attend spas or art shows. We have anything and everything so all you have to do is pick what you like and enjoy! On Earth here temperature ranges and is different in every state or country. In some places you could wear shorts and flip flops but in another location you may have to bundle up with pants and coat. Depending on the place you are going depicts what clothes you will have to wear. So make sure you check out local weather stations and they will tell you exactly what to wear but be prepared for all types of weather and have loads of fun!