Gregor Mendel Poster

Founder of Modern Genitics

Description 👳

Mendel started off in a poor family, and is now a well-known scientist for his study in how chromosomes are passed down through heredity.

Early life👶


1.Was recognized as a gifted child

2.Was accepted into the university of Olomouc


1.Was born into a very poor family

2.His father was injured on the farm

Experimental design🔱

Tried to figure out how many different forms of pea plants would result in breeding two pea plants together. Was curious about how a green pea could result from its two yellow parent pea plants.


1.Round- 5,474--Angular-1,850

2. Green- 428-- Yellow- 152

3. Long-787-- Short-277

This data means that there are more dominant genes that recessive genes.


Was named the father of genetics. His work wasn't recognized until at least 40 years after his death. It was a little too late to react because he was dead by then. Once they did react the referred to the findings as Mendel’s laws.


He Introduced a new study about how genetics are inherited.



Definition: The one of a pair of alternative alleles that masks the effect of the other when both are present in the same cell or organism.

Example: The yellow peas in Gregor Mendel’s experiment were the dominant genes.


Definition: Gene that gets covered up by a dominant gene.

Example:The green peas in Mendel’s experiment.


Definition: Gene that is neither dominant nor recessive.

Example: ABO blood types.