Plentiful plenaries

5 ideas to end your lesson effectively

Socrative creates quizzes, including instant "exit tickets", which learners can access via mobile devices with a room code. The exit ticket prompts learners to answer 3 questions:

1. How well did you understand today's material?

2. What did you learn in today's class?

3. Answer the teacher's question - e.g. feedback on the lesson, any key question

Socrative will then create nice-looking pdfs to summarise the results.

In the real world

Learners write an exit ticket explaining how the lesson could help them in the real world or in another subject.

Mini-whiteboard quiz

Learners work together in groups to write a challenging question for the class to answer on mini whiteboards. At the end of the lesson each group takes it in turns to ask the other groups their question and answers are written and held up on whiteboards. The original group then respond.

Find the fib

Verbally, or on the board give learners 3 statements, questions or answers about the lesson topic. 2 are correct and 1 is wrong. Ask learners to tell you which one is the fib and why. Reveal the final answer once all have responded.


In small groups or pairs, learners share a snippet from their notes which illustrates a key point from the lesson.