Creativity and Critical Thinking

By: Elizabeth Lanham

Strategize your Creativity

1) Give students five minutes to write down what comes to their mind (brainstorm)
2) Visualize and express these ideas allowing students to debate their thoughts.
3) Allow students to gain confidence in their ideas through nourishment and complements
4) Encourge students to think outside the box. The more encourgment they recieve the more ideas they create.
5) Create your thoughts into a project. Grasp their attention with catchy activities.

Guaranteed to be relaxing, fun and often time stressful!

Challenge your Mind!

1) Provide clear instructions to students.
2) Review by providing study guides.
3) Engage students in current events.
4) Create group debates to expand their mind.
5) Ask students both rhetorical and literal questions to help students open and challenge their mind. There is no wrong or right answer.