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Special Edition: The Ultimate Guide

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Greetings from the Castle!


UPDATED AS OF 5/4/2021 (All NEW! Information is moved to the top)

"Good communication is the bridge between confusion and clarity." -Nat Turner

We wanted to house everything in one location to try and bring clarity to the confusion. The purpose of this Special Edition of From the Castle is to try and do just that.

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(NEW!) Senior Survey

Dear Seniors in the Class of 2021:

Congratulations on reaching this monumental milestone!!

The much anticipated Graduation Day will be here in no time flat!! Please let us know your plans after high school by clicking HERE to complete your Senior Survey.

Thank you for helping us collect important information about your high school accomplishments and your plans after Thomas Dale. Feel free to contact your school counselor if you have any questions.


Mrs. Reva Pryor

Mr. Ishaq Lee

Mr. Gonjoe Winn

Mrs. Jessica Wood

Mrs. Eleanor Kotowski

Ms. Cori Jackson

Mr. Kevin Cook

(UPDATE!) Yearbooks

Time is winding down to order a guaranteed copy of the 2021 yearbook. The staff has worked hard to create a book that reflects this unique year. Visit and use code 4232 to order your copy. Please be aware that due to the virtual start and limited school activities that yearbooks are scheduled to be delivered in late July.

Final Exam Information

Your child's teachers will communicate specifics about the exams for their classes. I wanted to give you an up-front summary of the schedule and the exemptions. Students will NOT be required to take their exam in-person.

The graphics below are the schedules for Seniors and for underclassmen and underclasswomen exams.

Here are the exemptions:

SOL Testing

● SOL Exemption: Any student, Grades 9-12, who is required to take the SOL test for the

current year and earns a score of at least 350 (making them eligible for LAVC) may earn

a second semester teacher made exam exemption with exceptions as noted below.

Senior Exemption Requirements

● The student shall have earned an A or B for the semester in the course in which the

exemption is granted.

● In first period, the student shall have been absent no more than four times in the fourth

quarter. In every other period, the student shall have been absent no more than two times.

● Extenuating circumstances may be appealed to the principal.


I. Advanced Placement Second Semester Teacher Final Senior Exam Exemption

Clarification: This applies only to seniors and for the end-of-year exam. In an AP course, second semester, for seniors who have met the attendance requirement, they may be exempt from their teacher-made final exam if they take the AP Test and maintain a “C” average for the second semester in that course.

II. Advanced Placement Second Semester Teacher Final Underclassmen Exam Exemption

Clarification: This applies only to underclassmen and for the end-of-year exam.

Part A: If an underclassman takes the AP Test for a course, meets the attendance requirements and has maintained a semester B average, that student may be exempt from the teacher-made final exam in that course.

Part B: For an underclassman in an AP course, the SOL Exam Exemption may also apply in a course with a corresponding SOL Test that is required and successfully passed.

III. Dual Enrollment First & Second Semester Teacher Exams

It is a requirement that first semester and second semester teacher made exams be taken by all students during the exam period in all courses where dual enrollment credit is offered. Failure to do so will negate the dual enrollment opportunity for credit and impact the existing high school grade.

IV. CCPS Online Exams

There are no exam exemptions granted for CCPS Online courses.

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Immunization for Current 11th Graders

To the parents of rising 12th graders:

For the 2021-2022 school year, the state of Virginia has a NEW immunization mandate for 12th grade students. All 12th graders are required to have their second dose of the meningococcal conjugate vaccine. Most students should have received their first dose of this series in middle school. Students MUST have received at least one dose, of this two dose series, in order to begin their 12th grade year.

Please contact your child's pediatrician and obtain documentation of the completed series or schedule an appointment for administration. You may also schedule appointments through Chesterfield County Health Department, 768-7454.

Please fax vaccine documentation to 768-6256, Attn: Clinic


Scan and email to our school nurse,


You may also bring in proof of vaccination to the school between 8am-4pm M-F.

Please call Jeannie O'Sullivan, RN at 768-6245 ext 6636 with any questions.

Thank you!

Senior Corner

With all the spring activities planned for Seniors, I wanted to create a one-stop document for you to reference. I will make it so it includes any live updates all in one place.

Families of graduating Seniors, please click HERE for that one-pager.

Teacher Superlatives

Help celebrate our Teacher Appreciation Season!

We are collecting nominations from students for teacher superlatives though the end of Teacher Appreciation week, May 7. Please check-in with your TDHS student to see if they’ve completed a nomination for one of their teachers already. If they haven’t yet, they can do so through this Nomination form.

One-Stop To-Do List

This is the To-Do List I sent in the April 18 weekly update.


Spring Testing Information

I've put together a few slides to help you understand what your child will (or won't) have to take with regards to SOLs. Check it out HERE.

Action Item:

I need to know who will test. Please let me know by clicking HERE. **BUS REQUESTS ARE NO LONGER BEING HONORED, SORRY!!**

Below is the timeline for SOL testing, PSAT for 10th Grade, and AP Testing.


  • 4/13-4/14 English 11 WorkKeys (Writing SOL substitute) this is by appointment for 11th grade students (see information in separate email from me)

  • 4/19-4/30 English 10 Writing SOL (runs until 5/7 for Accommodated testers) this is by appointment for 10th grade students (see information in separate email from me)

  • 4/29 PSAT10 (10th grade students only; see separate email from me for registration link)

  • 5/11 & 5/12 English 11 Reading SOL

  • 5/14 Reading Makeups

  • 5/17 & 5/18 Earth Science SOL

  • 5/19 & 5/20 Biology & Chemistry SOLs

  • 5/21 Science Make ups

  • 5/24 Social Studies SOLs

  • 5/25 Social Studies SOLs

  • 5/26 Math SOLs

  • 5/27 Math SOLs

  • 5/28 Math & Social Studies makeups

  • 6/7 Social Studies SOL for 9th grade AP Human Geo takers

Advanced Placement (AP)
  • Click HERE for the AP Testing Dates

Dual and Concurrent Enrollment Information: JTCC

Check out the information and application process for John Tyler Community College for Dual and Concurrent Enrollment!

College Readiness and the Early College Academy Video

If you were unable to attend the CCPS Early College Academy virtual meeting, they have published a recording.

Check it out!

Video: College Readiness and the Early College Academy

CCPS School Calendar for 2021-2022

Please check out the 2021-2022 SCHOOL CALENDAR.

One important note that we all need to be aware of is the start to the school year.

  • August 23 is the first day of school for 9th grade students
  • August 24 is the first day for all other students

FREE Summer STEM Program!!

Click the link below and check it out!

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We have a new FORM for any Chromebook repairs!

If a Chromebook repair is required, families should take the following steps to request a replacement device (note that as of right now, all Chromebooks are handled through the Main Campus office):

  • Complete this GOOGLE FORM. If internet access is not available, you may call the Main Campus office (804-768-6245) during any school day from 8 am until 4 pm, and an office assistant can submit the form for you. Please have ready your student's ID number and the 6-digit Chromebook number (found on the barcode sticker on the Chromebook).
  • When it is ready, the school will contact you to pick up the replacement Chromebook.
  • When you go to pick up the replacement Chromebook, please bring the old device and charger (if you are told to bring it).
  • The front office will give you the replacement device to take home.

Two Important (and INTENSE) Resources

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Need to Schedule a Meeting with an Administrator or Counselor??

If you or your child need to schedule a meeting, please access THIS PAGE. You will have links to pick a time to meet with our administrative and counseling staff. A list of administrators, counselors, and student loads are included at the bottom of The Ultimate Guide - just scroll to the bottom.

Writing Your Resume Bullet Session

Enjoy a SHORT VIDEO on writing your resume I designed for our students. This will also be part of a Genius Hour session I will offer on January 20 at 10am.

In the video, there are two resources I share, and I am including them below:

Updated Yearbook Information

Order your yearbook for this unprecedented year! Go to and use code 4232.

Prices are:

$70 until 2/28/21

$80 until sold out

Suggestion Box

Introducing our electronic Suggestion Box. Have an idea for making Thomas Dale better?

Share if HERE! You can also type the suggestion box address directly into your URL address bar:

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Send a Teacher (or more!) Some Love and Appreciation

Our teachers are (and have been) working extremely hard to do something that has never been done before. It is oftentimes difficult for them to get their "buckets filled," and one way to do that is when they get a note of appreciation from others.

Take just a few moments, and you can have your child do so too, to send some teacher love and appreciation to the greatest teachers in the Commonwealth of Virginia!

Simply click HERE to get started, and they will receive and electronic copy of your note.

School-Wide Expectations and Student Handbook

Please review our expectations pages for In-Person and Virtual Learning. Students are held accountable to these expectations.

Additionally, I wanted to ensure the STUDENT HANDBOOK was up top on The Ultimate Guide.

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Are you a Canvas Observer and Need to Reset Password?

Parents can reset passwords by going to and clicking on forgot password.

One-Page Glossary for Project Re-Start

Please click HERE to access our One-Pager that helps our families navigate Project Re-Start.


This year, our Learning Management System will be Canvas. All of your child's classes will be in Canvas, which he/she can access from Rapid Identity.

Your child will need to join the Thomas Dale High School Students and Families course in Canvas by clicking HERE.

Once your child has joined, I need you to join as well by following THESE INSTRUCTIONS. You will also need to use these instructions to become an Observer/Parent for each of your child's courses once they are loaded on August 24. The Student and Family course linked above is available for you to join now.

When you and your child are in the Thomas Dale Students and Families Canvas Course, make sure you go through the modules; there is one for students and one for parents. This is an important step to understanding Canvas.

How to be...

Below are videos for you and your child to watch to help prepare for the virtual learning start to the school year.

For the sake of transparency, I wanted you to see what I've shared with teachers as well.


Please take a moment and make sure all ParentVUE information is accurate. You can use THESE DIRECTIONS if you need to make a change.

CCPS School Year Calendar for 2020-2021

Please access the school year calendar HERE.

Counselor and Administrator Information


HERE is the website for Counselor information.


HERE is the website for Administrator information.