Stemscopes Science

Create an account for your new eBook in science.

Create your account.

To create your account go to and choose the stemscopes icon from the homepage. Once you get to the website you will see a screen that has a place to sign in. Under the sign in button there are blue letters that say Have a group code to enter. Select that and enter the group code your teacher has given you.

Design Principle

The segmenting principle will be used here in order for the students to go to the latexo homepage and find the stemscopes icon. The personalization principle will be used for the students to be comfortable hearing a friendly voice guiding them.

Entering Group Code

Your teacher has given you a piece of paper that is from Stemscopes and on it is an html but at the end of the address is a number with letters like D95C122R8. This is the number that you will enter into the box that says to enter code. Then click the find button.

Design principle

The segmenting principle will be used here so that the students will have the time to go to the web page to enter the code. The signaling and personalization principles will also be used in order for the students to see and be comfortable accessing the web pages.

Design Principle

Each step that the students foolw will be using the segmenting, signaling and personalization principles. They will be given time to accomplish the steps and have the cursor with a friendly voice telling them where to go to fill in the steps.

Once you have created account bookmark it on your google chrome.

Now that you have an account.

Tell your teacher that you have created the account and they will upload you to the class and your assignments will start to show up under your dashboard.

Design Principle

The Modality principle was also used in this training with the graphics and narration that helped the students to accomplish creating an online account.