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January 15, 2015

This week in 2G...

Our 2G reporters have been working hard to bring you this week's news! Enjoy the long weekend!

Writer's Workshop: Expert Books By Owen

This week in school in writing we got new partners. Mine is Jackson. We started expert books. I am writing about basketball. My topics are shooting, passing, defense, and stealing. We are including forces and details. For example, you need a lot of force to shoot. I can not wait to write more about basketball.

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Writer's Workshop: Expert Books By Liam

This week in school we got new writing partners. I have two. They are Mimi and Mark. My topic was hockey. My first thing was cross checking. I am going to use expert words in my book like speed and force. I am excited about writing this book.
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Everyday Math 4: Unit 4 - Wrapping it up

This week in math we focused on measuring to the nearest inch and centimeter. Students used a "Foot Long Foot" as a reference tool after reading, How Big is A Foot? By Rolf Myller. Next week we will review measurement, time, and place value as we prepare for our end of unit assessment. Keep practicing addition and subtraction facts at home!
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Daily 5: Geography By Jackson

In Daily 5 I am making a globe paper. I am including places like Balmer land, Queensland, Brunei, Sengal, Qatar, Nepal, Vietnam, and some others. I love geography.

Mr. Bissinger Guest Teacher in 2G ~ By Caroline

This week in school Mr. Bissinger taught Social Studies. We made posters with our writing partner. My writing partner was Emma. We chose something to write about by picking a paper out of a bag. I picked make a law. Everyone chose make a law, decide what to build, or spend money for services.

Everyone did it about a playground. I loved making posters! I can’t wait until Social Studies.
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Minecraft Club ~ By Patrick

This week in school I had Minecraft club. We learned a lot of new things. Jack helped me a lot in Minecraft. It is the best! On the first day we went over some basic controls. W - up. S - down. A - left. D - right, and space bar to jump. The teachers are Mrs. Murphy, and Mrs. Kaubin. Minecraft is awesome!

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Go NoOdle

This week our Junior Ambassadors practiced spelling their Trick Words using Body Spell, we went on a virtual field trip to learn about hot dogs, and focused our energy with Maximo. Keep up the Go Noodling at home!

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