Let's Write!

Teachers as Writers

A Community of Teachers & Writers in CSISD

Come be a part of an amazing group of CSISD teachers and writers. Discover how exploring your own writing life and processes can inform the decisions that you make as a teacher of writing.

We welcome you to meet with us once a month for about an hour outside of the school day. During our time together, we will talk about how living our own writing life helps us to think more deeply about our teaching practice. There will also be opportunities to share and reflect on our own writing.

Our December Meeting

Wednesday, Dec. 2nd, 5:30pm

206 West 26th Street

Bryan, TX

Invitation to Write

Looking for a place to start? Try living with a notebook as many writers do. I am a firm believer in notebooks and the way they can capture the essence of you. Notebooks can become a safe keeper to your thoughts and a memory collector of your life. Here are some invitations and try-its to start living your life as a writer today.
Check out these links for more information about the Teaching of Writing and the benefits of Writing Groups.

Kiesha Shepard

Hi, I'm Kiesha Shepard. I am a teacher, writer, painter, and day dream believer! I have a love of writing and the teaching of writing. Join me and my colleagues as we explore the teaching of writing as teachers and as writers.