Ruhkala's Weekly Schedule

Week of November 16th through November 20th.


This Week's Overall Schedule for Grades 2 through 6


Monday (A), Tuesday (A), Wednesday (B), Thursday (A), Friday (B)


To Clear Absences:

Please contact Ms. Schrader (at in order to clear absences.

Parent/Teacher Conferences:

We will be conducting Parent/Teacher Conferences this week (November 16th to November 20th). Please contact your child's teacher, or the front office, if you have any questions about the scheduled time of your conference.

Minimum Day Schedule:

The following is in regards to MINIMUM DAYS ONLY.

This week, November 16th to November 20th, we will follow a Minimum Day Schedule. Please reference this MINIMUM DAY SCHEDULE document to see when your child should arrive and will be dismissed from school.

Important to Note: In order to continue to have a smooth drop off for our Ruhkala students we have made slight changes to our arrival and dismissal times. This is for MINIMUM DAYS ONLY.

The most significant change is that we will be pushing back our arrival time by ten minutes in Grades 2nd through 6th on MINIMUM DAYS ONLY. Students will be allowed to enter classrooms at 7:50 and school will start at 8:00. We have also made changes to our Kinder and First grade AM/PM schedule. Dismissal will be earlier for all students.

Depending on the grade level your child is in times will vary. All specifics to your child can be found on THIS DOCUMENT. Please make sure that all students arrive and are picked up at the appropriate times.

PTC Ruhkala Strong Sticker:

Just a reminder that our PTC is selling Ruhkala Strong Stickers. You can check them out and purchase one for a dollar at the Ruhkala PTC website or by clicking HERE.

Lunch Pickup:

Second through Sixth Grade Students whose group is not on campus and all RVC Students:

  • On Monday through Friday these students can pick up a lunch/breakfast from the pick up station (near the back parking lot) at either of these times:


- 12:00-12:30


  • Group A attends school today in Grades 2-6
  • A MINIMUM DAY schedule will be followed.


  • Minimum Day
  • Group A attends school today in Grades 2-6


  • Minimum Day
  • Group B attends school today in Grades 2-6
  • Cookie Dough Pick Up: Details will be sent out.


  • Minimum Day
  • Group A attends school today in Grades 2-6
  • PE with Coach Carter


  • Minimum Day
  • Husky Spirit Friday! Wear school colors or your Ruhkala gear.
  • Group B attends school today in Grades 2-6
  • PE with Coach Carter

Please see November's update from our AMAZING PTC!


  • November 16th to November 20th: Minimum Days/Parent Teacher Conference Week
  • November 23rd to November 27th: Thanksgiving Break