The Money Theft

by: Jessica Rivers


John is stealing money for his college funds. Although John is a hard worker and need to work for college. John is a bad person also Because he thought one of his customers had a $20 dollar bill and he had a $50 dollar bill. John gave the customer back the wrong change and closed the register $34.80 over the normal amount. THAT WAS SO WRONG!!!

Decision Making Process

What is the dilemma?

  • The problem is that John is Stealing money for his college funds

What are the facts?(2)

  • The register is not adding up right at the closing of the store
  • He closed his register $34.80 over

What are the alternatives and consequences?(2 each)

  • Alternatives: John is a very hard worker that can get paid a lot
  • John can do some over time to make extra money for the college funds
  • Consequences: John can get caught stealing and get fired
  • John will go to jail and not pay for the college fund

What decision would you make?

  • If I were the manger I would have watch the tape and watch Johns every move from the camera. If i would have caught John i would have fired him. I would find me a new employee and make sure at all time i would watch the camera while i would be in my office. And I would have called the customer back and gave him his refund back and apologize to him about the mistake of his employee.

Why you think that's the best decision?

  • I think that would be the best decision cause As long as you keep John. John is going to be stealing from the manger and the business.