LCHS Physical Education and Health

Happenings in the World of PE and Health at LCHS

Welcome to LCHS PE and Health Digital Edition

Ever wonder what goes on during your student's school week? Is talking to your student at the dinner table about their day harder than pulling teeth? Well this digital edition is for you. There will be a weekly update that is sent out at the end of every week with pictures, information and other relative information about your students PE or Health Classes.

Strength Classes

Form and Function Movement

In the strength classes, the students have begun to use the barbells to learn the basic movements. All of the students will spend 3 weeks learning the movements before they are to put weight plates on. All of the movement that the students are learning are functional movements and provide a strong and stable foundation for students.

Outdoor Recreation

First AID and CPR

This week the Outdoor Recreation Class is learning about first AID and CPR. LCHS has partnered with the American Heart Association to provide Hands Only CPR training to as many students as possible. Students got to practice their CPR skills and learn the basics about how to use an AED.

Lifetime Sports and Activities

Fitness Stations and Ice Skating

This is the full first week of the Lifetime Sports and Activities. The students are learning what it takes to be physically active for 40+ minutes at a high level. They have been doing fitness stations with different requirements and working up a sweat. On Thursday, which is the long period, the class goes to the Ice Rink in town. They are learning to ice skate this week and next week.

9/10 Grade Health

Start Nutrition and Healthy Eating Habits

This week, the health class has been starting their adventure into nutrition. It began with the documentary Globesity. Which talks about the obesity impact on the world culture. On Friday the students also got to learn about the addicting properties of sugar and junk food. They read the Oreo Addiction Study, which states that Oreos produce the same addicted feeling in the body and brain as hard drugs.

7/8 Grade Physical Education and Health

Cardio Work and Basic Strength Movement

This week the 7/8 graders are learning the value of high intensity cardio work and strength work. They are participating in a scaled down version of the high school fitness station. This allows them to challenge themselves throughout the workout.