Of Mice And Men

Natalie Nelson, Shaina Nelson, Taylor Fischer

What are treatments for mental illnesses?

  • Mental illnesses can affect you physically and/or emotionally so different illnesses need different treatments.

  • Medication

  • Treatment

  • Doctors

  • Facilities

  • Psychiatrist

How can we prevent mental illneses'?

  • Some people cannot prevent mental illnesses, they are just born with them
  • Eating healthy and exercising can help reduce your chances of getting a mental illness
  • You can find ways to deal with the mental illness
  • Some are capable of getting rid of most of the illness, while others can get rid of it permanently
  • Or there is no possible way to prevent mental illnesses

Timeline for Of Mice And Mice

Event 1 (MLA): Steinbeck writes, “First chance i get i’ll give you a pup, Maybe you wouldn’t kill it, that’d be better than mice, and you could pet it harder”(13).

Relation to idea/issue: Lennie accidently killed a mouse due to mental illness. He just wanted to pet something soft and the mouse was too small so his thumb crushed it and killed it, he kept it in his pocket.


Event 2 (MLA): Steinbeck writes, "I don't know where there is no other mouse. I remember a lady used to give em' to me ever'one she got. But that lady ain't here."George scoffed. "Lady, huh? Don't even remember who that lady was. That was your own Aunt Clara.”(9).

Relation to idea/issue: Lennie’s mental illness caused him to not remember his own aunts name


Event 3 (MLA): Steinbeck writes, “Why do you got to get killed? You ain’t so little as mice. I didn’t bounce you hard” (85).

Relation to idea/issue: Lennie didn’t know that you can’t bounce newborn puppies, and he bounced one. The puppy died and he didn’t know why. Therefore Lennie’s mental illness caused him to do something that he shouldn’t of done


Event 4 (MLA): Steinbeck writes, “I forgot,” Lennie said softly. “ I tried not to forget. Honest to god i did, George.” (4).

Relation to idea/issue: Lennie’s mental illness has an effect on his memory and his thinking abilities


Event 5 (MLA): Steinbeck writes, “I guess Lennie done it, all right”(97).

Relation to idea/issue: Lennie’s mental illness caused him to kill Curley’s wife because he just wanted to touch her pretty hair, which lead to her death.

Nonfiction piece of "Mental Illnesses"

Nonfiction Title (Link): Mental Health and Illness

Purpose of Nonfiction: Informing us

Connection to Big theme/ idea: This connects to the theme because it talks about options of mental illnesses, stigma, and talking to medical experts to treat your mental illness.

Lennie's importance

Lennie has a mental illness in this story. His mental illness is that he has a mind like a child. This connects to today's society because many people have mental illnesses they have to deal with like Lennie has too throughout the story. Lennie is a static character because he stays the same throughout the whole story, he doesn't change. HIs interactions with other characters in this story is that he just wanted to be like everyone but his mental illness; mind of a child, made it difficult for him. Lennie's patterns in this story is that he just wants to touch soft things; like the mouse in his pocket and the pups.

Evidence to support that Lennie likes to pet soft things and his pattern's in the story is to touch things. Steinbeck writes, "I wasn't doin' nothing bad with it, George. Jus' strokin' it " (9).

Evidence to support that he has a mind of a child. Steinbeck writes, “He’s jes’ like a kid, ain’t he” (43).

Essential Question Answers

Our topic is similar to the problems we have today because people today still have mental illnesses and have to cope with them like Lennie does. It relates to the modern day because people still live with mental illnesses. People are helping and reaching out to help mental illnesses. We are becoming more aware of mental illnesses and how to help.

Theme for Of Mice And Men

The big theme of this story is; don't be afraid to do something because of your mental illness. Evidence to support the theme; Steinbeck writes, "O.K. Someday- we're gonna get the jack together and we're gonna have a little house and a couple of acres an' a cow and some pigs and-" (14).


  • Stabilize Statistics
  • Meet with a trustworthy psychiatrist
  • Mental & Physical Medication
  • Talk to someone
  • Get help


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