Buck Bookies 3rd Six Weeks 2014

Accelerated Reader

6th Grade 27 students met their AR goal

7th Grade 7 students met their AR goal

8th Grade 26 students met their AR goal

1,609 quizzes were taken and passed

Circulation - 2,098 books

Barnes & Noble Field Trip

Students that met their AR goal for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Six weeks were rewarded by taking a field trip to Barnes & Noble. They were given a tour of the book store, treated to hot chocolate and given a gift card to purchase a book. Lunch was provided for them at Chuck E. Cheese.

6th grade - Jacquelyn Alvarado, Victoria Briones, Samira Garcia, Kandence Gonzalez, Janelle Gutierrez, Carla Mendoza, Jaden Mendoza, Diego Perez, Victoria Salazar-Torres, Mario Torres, Celeste Valle.

7th Grade - Katelynn Gonzalez

8th Grade - Arnold Cardenas, Gloria Coss, Pedro Garcia, Araceli Jimenez, Frankie Lopez, Valeria Martinez, Moises Nevarez, Maria Ortiz, Mirta Salgado, Mark Sandoval, Atziri Vallejo

Battle of the Books Competition

The Jamie Escalante Middle School Team is made up of

Samira Garcia 6th Grade

Frankie Lopez 7th Grade

Carlos Ortiz 8th Grade

Maria Ortiz 8th Grade

They will be competing against the other 7 middle schools, on January 22, 2015 at Southwest High School.

Upcoming Events

Battle of the Books Competition - January 22, 2014 Southwest High School

Four Students - Samira Garcia, Frankie Lopez, Carlos Ortiz and Maria Ortiz will represent Jaime Escalante Middle School. They will compete with students from the other middle schools.

Blind Date with a Book - A variety of books, will be wrapped up in 'oh so secretive' paper and you won't know the 'identity' of your blind date till you get it home. Will it be fiction or non-fiction? Funny, informative, a mystery, true-crime???

Sure you might be disappointed; but then again ... you may end up having a great read with something you wouldn't have chosen for yourself. With each book is a 'Rate a Date' slip, simply say whatever you want about your date, you won't hurt our, or its, feelings.

Even if your date turns out to be a 'dud' (remember Mystery Date from back in the day?), all is not lost. With each slip you return, you will receive a small treat.

All students that participate will come back in two weeks to talk about their book.

Celebrating Dr. Seuss' Birthday - Student Council members will go to Cesar Chavez's elementary to read to a Kinder class. Dress up in Dr. Seuss' attire.