"How to use Excel"

By: Kayley Stauffer

What is Excel??

Excel is a electronic spreadsheet program.

What is a column??

Columns run vertically in a spreadsheet.

What is a row??

Rows run horizontally in a spreadsheet.

How to create a chart!!

You can create a chart by highlighting what you want to be in the chart then go to insert and select chart. Then you can change in then insert it.

How to move a chart to a new sheet!!

Insert the new chart into your spreadsheet. Once its entered then you can edit it and select insert in new spreadsheet.

Changing the layout of a chart!!

When you are making your chart you can change the layout by pressing chart then choosing your chart layout of your choice.

How to insert a chart!!

When you are done press the insert button and it will be inserted into the spreadsheet.

How to change the color of a chart!!

When you are making your chart go to customize and you can change all of the colors.
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