Colorado springs

By: Rachel Walters-Davis

Human Environment Interaction ( H.E.I.)

Colorado springs H.E.I includes natural resources such as petroleum, coal, sand, gravel, uranium, natural gas and oil. The climate and weather also is a part of H.E.i. The annual average temp. is 47.8 degrees Fahrenheit. Winters are dry and summers are low humidity, hot days comfortable nights and the falls are pleasant and often dry.Another part is major industries, which are mining and manufacturing. The last part in H.E.I is the physical features, there's rocky mountains, flat plains and prairie lands.


The major forms of transportation is trains, air ( optional ) and by cars or trucks. The types of clothing worn there are very casual like, sweaters, sweatshirts, pants, shorts, coats, ect. They eat the same foods as we such as pizza, apples, yogurt ect.

Location: Where is it?

Place: What is it like?

Here are some of the interesting places to visit.

1. Cheyenne Mountain State Park is 20 miles of hiking and biking. Total there is about 1680 acres of land.

2. Cheyenne Mountain Zoo has 800 different animals and over 200+ species! You can even feed the giraffes.

3. Dinosaur Resources Center, you get to see marine reptiles and dinosaur bones. They have 12,000 feet dedicated to dinosaurs displays.

4. Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine Tours descends about 100 feet down. There are different displays of mining methods from the early 1890's.

5. Cripple Creek Heritage Center is 11,600 square feet and all the technology there is 21st century. They have multiple hands on exhibits to participate in.

Region: Things areas have in common and things that are different.

Region in Colorado includes the language spoken such as English is mainly spoken in Colorado. Another part is the ethnicity which is about 75% white and about 5% black.

There is a lot of different religions in Colorado. There is 33.38% religious,some of the are 8.56% are catholic, 3.01% LDS, 4.29% baptist, .41% Lutheran, 2.36% Methodist, 2.17% other Christian, .15% Jewish, .32%