Ayn Rand

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Definition of Selfish, According to Rand.

Most people see selfish as someone who is only interested in their own desires. Rand believes that the definition of selfish is pursuing the values required for human survival. He considers this to be "rational selfishness."

Why doesn't Rand Include a Moral Judgement on Someone Who is Selfish?

Rand doesn't include a moral judgement on someone who is selfish because her definition of selfishness is different from todays definition. She believes that shelfness involves and individual doing something to get a result. She believes you can' pass judgment because you count know what the result good or bad the person is trying to get.

What Does the Individual Owe to Society?

Ayn Rand says she owes nothing to her fellow man, except for rationality and reason. She believes you shouldn’t give up logic just to have a relationship with a person. You shouldn't go out of your way to make a place for them in your life.
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