Anzac day

lest we forget

Pay your respects

Come and pay your respects to our fallen men and women that participated in the Great war defending our nation.

Anzac day ceremony

Wednesday, March 25th 2015 at 11am

Shrine of Remembrance, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Melbourne, VIC

Help us remember the people who fought for our freedom 100 years ago in the great war.

A brief introduction

Anzac day is a very important day where we remember our Australia, NZ and our Aboriginal soldiers who fought in the Great war.

Causes of the war

  • The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo, In Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • Germany being afraid of an attack, so decided to ally with Italy, Austria-Hungary
  • France allied with England and Russia and later on was joined by Italy
  • Germany planning a secret attack to America from Mexico
  • Many people thought that starting a mass war would we a good way to settle all the problems with different countries

How our people were involved

  • over 400.000 Australians enlisted in the war
  • our soldiers fought in two main battles
  • they thought the war was of a short lasting and would be able to be back by Christmas
  • we fought alongside the British because of the Commonwealth agreement

Main battles Australians participated in

  • we fought in the Western front as well as Gallipoli
  • 6 thousand ANZACS were killed and over 15 thousand survived with fatal injuries in the Gallipoli battle alone
  • in the Western front over 40 thousand people were killed. this battle lasted from early 1916 to late 1918

What happened back in Australia

  • people were strongly recommended to participate in the war, but even so they were 'bullied' if they didn't consider it
  • the war was only thought to be a short lasting war, and would be back by Christmas 1914
  • more and more men kept participating in the war, therefore there was more liberty for women to join the workforce
  • when women started working during that time, they could only make war supplies

What Anzac day means to us

Anzac day is a very important day where we remember our ancestors who have fought in the great war. It's a day of sadness and should not be forgotten. The symbol of Anzacs are poppies. The red poppy petals, remind us of the blood and the lives lost by our fellow soldiers to protect our nation

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