Questioning Strategies

Session Objectives:

Content Objective: Participants will be able to implement questioning strategies in the classroom to check for student understanding.


Deidra Ballard-Moore

Sherece Johnson

Deanna Terrell

“If I wasn’t an educator what would I be and why?”

  • Write down your answer on a notecard using the following stem:
  • If I weren't an educator I would be…..because….
  • Find your partner match (example: 1/2 and .5) and share.

  • Find 1 other person to share with.

  • When you have shared with 2 people, go back to your seat.

Reflection stems:

    • The most fascinating thing I heard…

    • The most shocking thing I heard…

    • The most unusual thing I heard...

For help with the tools listed on this page, visit:

Did you select the same answer to both questions? Did everyone at your table answer in the same way? Discuss why the answers might be different.


Questions that Motivate

The author’s claim that ___ is interesting, because…


Go to Type in 17968 under "STUDENT" to enter the room.

Wrapping It Up!


  • On a post it note, what is one item from today that you can try in your class?


  • On a post it note, jot down ONE word that captures the essence of today's session.
  • In your Socrative group, combine all of the words from every individual, add additional words if necessary, to make a complete sentence.**

**Rules: You must use all the words jotted down by individuals and it must be a complete sentence.