Ned Kelly

By Malake.El-Mahrbani

What is a bushranger?

What is a bushranger

A bushranger is a robber who steals.They are bad criminalsin the 1800.Ned Kellys real name was Edward Kelly.Ned Kellys parents were born in Ireland.Ned Kelly was a famous bushranger.

Ned Kellys Life.

Ned Kelly was born in Victoria in June 1855. When Ned Kelly was young him and his family were bad.Ned Kellys family were all criminals.When Ned Kelly was young he stole horses.Red Kelly became noted as an expert cattle-stealer.Ned Kellys parents were born in Ireland.

Ned Kelly's Early Life

Ned Kelly's real name was Edward Kelly. he was born in June 1854 or 1855.His parents came from Ireland. Even when he was a little boy he stole horses.His family were criminals.

Ned Kelly's crimes

Ned Kelly learnd how to be a bushranger from Harry Power,an old bushranger.Ned Kelly made a gang with his brother and friends.They killed a trooper at Stringybark because they were scared that they would be killed them first. The Kelly gang was made up of Ned Kelly, Dan Kelly, Steve Hart and Joe Byrne.

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Ned Kelly armer

Ned Kelly help

Ned Kelly stole 620 pounds he traped lots of troopers and put them in his own cells. Most people said that he is a hero and some said that he is a villian. He held up at the bank. Ned Kelly was a wanted man. The one who found him will be rewarded money he held up a bank in jerilderie.

Ned Kelly's capture

Ned Kelly was take off the rob to stop the train and stole something in the train.The teacher told the troopers that the Kelly gang was here and the trooper came and they had a gun battle, three people died and