Top Ten Tips on Netiquette

By Swetha Tandri and Holt Hanson


(In the classroom)

Swetha: Hey, maybe I should post a status update on Twitter about my first week of school.

Holt: Yeah, that is a good idea.

Swetha: But before I post something, I always make sure I have good netiquette online.

Holt: What is that long word you just said?

Swetha: Netiquette. It is basically your behavior online, just like etiquette.

Holt: Oh.

Swetha: Hey, how about I tell you the top ten tips that will guarantee to make sure you have good netiquette.

#10- Knowing Where You are Online

Some websites may talk about certain things. On a movie discussion website, gossip may be perfectly normal. But on a education website discussion, it may look odd. That is why knowing where you are will help you because the netiquette will be different depending on the website you go to.

#9- Avoid Flamewars and help them cool down

Help flame wars cool down, so violence does not come into play. Flaming is fine, but flame wars can cause people to get very angry. They can also offend people, based on what the flame war is about. If the topics are inappropriate or they won't stop, it is best to not spoil it even more.
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8- Do Not Waste People's Time Online

If you are the typical spammer, this is for you. See no one likes it it when someone sends random irrelevant messages and fills up your notifications. It makes that person very annoyed and he/she will most likely block you from their contacts. When you send a message or an email, make sure that it is actually worth sending and if it is an email, have proper etiquette.
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#7- Do Your Part

The Internet is a place to share information, not to put people down on. Do your part to make the Internet a safe place. From stopping a bully to flagging an inappropriate image, every act of kindness and responsibility counts.

#6- Be Forgiving Of Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes, so don't judge people by their mistakes. We all were the rookie once so it is irrelevant to criticize someone for making a mistake online. You could instead help the person to become better at technology.

#5- Write Professional Emails (Tips)

Whenever you send an email, you should keep a balance and not be too professional, but at the same time, don’t be too casual. Think of it like this. What email stands for is electronic mail. You usually do not send emoji’s, slang, or abbreviated phrases in a letter to someone. Keep in mind who you are talking to. Friends are okay but for a teacher, be mindful. Some other tips are to:

*avoid sarcasm

*identify yourself

*be concise

*reply promptly

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#4- Create a Positive Digital Image Online

Unlike in person, when you meet others, you will not be judged by your clothes or your skin color. The only thing people will see are your posts and your writing. What stays online is permanent. Make sure that you really believe in what you post. So develop a reputation that you are okay with anyone knowing about.
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#3 -Do Not Abuse Your Power

Do not abuse your power. Even if you are a tech wizard, do not take advantage of those who do not. You could use it to help people and do good to the world. That is the difference between an Internet hero and villain.

#2- Respect Other People's Things

If you go looking through people's items and they find you, they can get very angry. That also goes for e-mails. If someone leaves there computer on their E-mail and you need access to your E-mail, log them out, and tell them you logged them out. Do not go through people's emails, as there could be personal information in them. This also counts for plagiarism. Do not copy and paste someone's original work.

#1- Remember Who You Are Talking To

Remember that whomever you are communicating with, it is a human you are talking to. While online, you only see the screen but keep in mind that the person on the other end of the line has feelings just like you do. If you are not comfortable saying something to someone face to face, do not try it online.


Holt- Oh, so that is netiquette. Thank you for teaching this to me in a way that I could understand, especially the professional email tips.

Swetha- Anything for a friend.

*Swetha's phone keeps ringing with text notifications*

(She looks at her phone)

Swetha- You have been spamming me this whole time!!!

Holt- Sorry. Old habits die hard.

Swetha- One day, you WILL learn.


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