Five important accomplishments

Anasazi pit houses

The Anasazi lived in pit houses. Their pit houses were the first kind of home the Anasazi lived in. Their pit houses were in side of cliffs. They protected them from their enemies and protected them from the spring storms. They had stone walls that provided hideouts.

Anasazi one story houses

The Anasazi would change homes after a short period of time.Their newer homes were a lot better than their first pit homes. They were built on cliffs. Since they were built on cliffs, it made it harder for their enemies to attack. These homes provided more space than their first.
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Anasazi two story houses

The Anasazi would change their houses after a period of time again. They were still on cliffs. They gave even more space than their first two. Since they were bigger that before it made it even harder than before for their enemies to get to them.
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Anasazi crops

The Anasazi were able to grow crops in the dry area. They used Irrigation to water their crops. They were able to grow many crops such as corn, squash, and beans. Since they had such good crops their population grew. Their crops kept their people from starving.

Anasazi dams

The Anasazi built dams to save water. Archaeologists found many artifacts of Anasazi dams . The dams also provided fresh water for droughts. After a fair rain waters would flow downwards into the dams and then flow through the lime stone to the holes they dug into the cliff.
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