How To Make A Shelter

On A Desserted Tropical Island

Step By Step: How to Make A Shelter

Try to build your shelter near a cluster of trees for more protection from the elements.


Twenty, Five - Six foot long braches

About Ten feet of rope or vines

About Twenty dead palm fronds

About Forty green palm fronds

Step one:

Place two branches about six feet apart then cross them at the top. Tie them together with a foot of rope or vines to connect the two branches. Do this twice so the base of the sticks are about five to make your main supports for your structure.

Step two:

Take one of your longest branches and place it in the forks of the two branches that you already have in the sand. Now tie the long branch to the forks with another foot of rope or vines.

Step three:

Place the rest of your branches standing upright, leaning on the cross branch that you put in the forks of the bases of your structure.

Step four:

Weave a base layer of your dead palm fronds then weave another layer of the green palm fronds on top of the dead fronds. You should have about twenty green fronds left over. Place those on the "floor" of your structure so you are not sleeping dirctly on the ground. This will provide insulation and protection from insects.

This is what your finished structure should look like:

Important reasons why building a shelter is crutial:

Downpours - You want to try to stay as dry as possible

Hurricanes - You want to be protected from possible flying debris

Unfriendly Animals - You nee somewhere to hide from dangerous animals

The sun - You have top stay in the shade to stay hydrated and to protect your skin