Brewster School Newsletter

October 16, 2015


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Shout Outs

Has anyone helped you out or made you smile? Please let know so I can send them a Shout-Out.

  • To Mary Beth and Tammy for sharing classroom charts for Reader's Workshop that the kindergarten teachers admired out loud.
  • To grade level teams who have have been analyzing data and collaborating daily to develop their SLO's and goals.
  • To Gina for working on aligning our math units with Go Math and Number Talks.
  • To the assistants who did extra duties this week.
  • To staff members who helped out their colleagues by taking their students for bus duty.


  • The Literacy Team analyzed student data and identified students in need of reading intervention. A SAT will be scheduled for all these students in order to ensure accurate record keeping and to follow the SRBI process. One of the Reading Interventionist will let you know who was identified. If you have concerns about any student who was not identified please refer them to the SAT process and bring data to share with the team.
  • Gina and I met to identify students requiring math intervention in grades 1 & 2. Any other students should be referred to SAT.
  • Please look at your calendars and stop by to schedule your first formal/ informal if you have three to complete this year. The first one must be completed prior to Thanksgiving. I would like to get these dates on my calendar even if you do not want to do the observation until November.


  • Please see me first thing on Monday morning if you have procedural questions about the lockdown.
  • I know you are working on your SLO's/goals; please let me know if I can help. I can attend team meetings when you are writing your goals if it would be beneficial. We should also get those meetings on the calendar.
  • We will be pledging kindness next Friday unless you already did and need to pledge honesty.

School Happenings

October 19 - Lockdown drill in AM

October 22 - K field trip to Fair Weather Farms

October 30 - Halloween Parade @ 2:30

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