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Kim Gravell- Yvonne Kaatz writes, "I would like to give a shout out to Kim Gravell who works hard with all her classes and who is diligent in her teaching and providing opportunities for her kids. She makes sure that they are never forgotten and that they are working as hard as they can on whatever she assigns. She always raises the bar for them, but helps them succeed and feel good about what they achieve."

Tracy Neef- Joe Burns writes, "Tracy Neef does an exceptional job with both our dance students and the High Steppers. They represent DSHS with class and pride year after year.... she creates amazing experiences for our students year after year."

Allyson Wright- Sara Freeman writes, "Allyson Wright is always willing to step up and help with curriculum, mentoring, or anything else I get overwhelmed with. She's an awesome teacher - wise beyond her years and gives a lot of her time and energy to both her math classes and her PALS. She always has the best interests of the students in mind."

Too Cool for School

Evelyn Balderrama- Evelyn had students go into the Tiger Paw and create Character Analysis visuals from "Of Mice and Men" using an outline of their body to fill with symbols of the character they were analyzing. The students expressed how it was nice to have a break from the classroom and have the ability to express understanding of the content in a non-traditional way. See picture below.

Jay Bates- In a single classroom, he has a variety of students all at very different skill levels, and manages a number of projects at the same time. Every student was working on something in his class that meant something very specific to them. The outcome was a variety of very beautiful and personal works of art. Student played with mood and color to convey a message about themselves or someone else in a portrait. See picture below.

Tracy Cooper- Through her partnership with Texas State University and the opportunities students have had to work in conjunction with the University, students have been invited to apply for paid summer internships through Texas State. In this internship, students will work with undergraduate students to build a setup for mobile memory that uses less energy and is faster.

Ryan Durkin- had his students create a shoe design based on the tenants of a Mesoamerica Civilization. What is even better is that this project was designed by a student and Ryan utilized her idea for students to apply their knowledge in a creative way. See picture below.

Brent Duvall - Has set up stations multiple times to get students to rotate through different ideas at their own pace. The questions had required students to truly think and interact with the material on a deeper level. The next day, students took their thoughts and participated in a Socratic Seminar in class, using the resources and information they gathered in the previous class. See picture below.

Rachel Foreman- Having her students participate in self-directed lit. circles where they choose thier groups and choose the order in which they will read their books for the rest of the semester. They will also engage in group socratic seminars throughout the reading process and come up with a way to teach the concepts of each book to an audience through a medium of their choice.

Rachael Koske- Having her theatre students find a concept they are interested in, and have not had time to explore deeply. In groups, they present a 2 day lesson to their class to teach the concept. Concepts include using theatre for therapy and delving into difficult social issues such as bullying.

Brian Ormonde- His class is set-up to encourage self-directed learning. Currently, some students are working on rebuilding and updating an engine for one of his cars, as well as, rebuilding a car from the ground up. They learn through doing, and really investigate the concepts of mechanics and engineering.

Craig Swannack- In one of his Physics classes, his students chose to write and produce an "Office" style play to exhibit thier learning of waves. This came about because Craig asked his students how they wanted to show what they learned.

Michelle Vickery- is having her 3D art students engage in a semester long PBL where they are creating a sculpture for an installation in the redesigned garden run by PALS. They will have to scout the space, complete preliminary sketches, complete a perspective drawing of the exhibition site, create a maquette for their proposed sculpture, and then create the final sculpture. This allows students to leave an imprint on their campus, potentially even after they graduate.

Sphere of Influence

Pre-AP Geometry- Kelsey Lee and Lauren Myrick- are having thier students explore geometry through the lens of graphic design. Kelsey Lee invited a graphic designer in, to teach several lessons over a period of a few days. Through this experience, students were able to see how what they are learning connects with a career. From there, students created graphic designs using simple shapes and then were critiqued by the graphic designer himself. Lauren Myrick did something similar, and had students pick a design, and using geometry, figure out how to make a representation using simple shapes. See picture below.

Physics- Marguerite Erickson and Craig Swannack- had thier students learn wave concepts through using thinglink. Students had 8 terms and they had to define each term in thier own words, find or make a video demonstrating the term, and find a current event that links the term.

AP Psychology, AP Physics, AP Computer Engineering, and AP Statistics
- Jeff Bixby, Tracy Cooper, Jad Jadeja, and Cary Jackson- they have crafted this incredible PBL experience for students related to concussions. They will eventually present their findings to the school board who is in the process of putting together a concussion advisory group to review policies for next year, so it is very timely for the district. AP Physics will be analyzing Tiger football game film to measure the impact of hits in a game, AP Statistics will also be analyzing the film to gain insight into the percentage of hits during a game, Engineering will be producing a machine that illustrates the force of impact, and AP Psychology will conduct research regarding concussions and compile their research to present.

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This staff is truly talented in reaching students and finding ways to engage students every day. Thank you for your persistence in seeking innovation in the classroom, your students are lucky to have such an accomplished staff! Lastly, I am going to be asking to film or take pictures of classrooms to build a PD library for the campus, if you have anything going on in your classroom that you wouldn't mind sharing, shoot me an e-mail! Also, feel free to send me shout-outs for your fellow colleagues!