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What's on this flyer???

The apps in this poster are apps that could be used in a second language classroom! These apps can/will help the learner to understand and explore the language that they are learning more in depth!


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What is Duolingo???

This app is an app and website designed to help students learn a new language. Duolingo has multiple activities for students to do, they progressively get more challenging as you continue through the activities. Duolingo contains different types of activities within each of the lessons or categories. These include listening, repeating, translating, ect. Also there are many different levels within Duolingo which will allow each student to be challenged and engaged.

How/What to do with Duolingo?

Duolingo can be used as a practice tool for students to use to review at home. It could also be incorporated into the classroom as a weekly activity time - this would allow the students to work on things at different levels and at their own pace. Also this app allows the students to set goals for themselves and their progress is saved on the app so they can pick up learning where they left off! Duolingo could be used at many different grade levels because of the different levels!!!
Duolingo: la meilleure façon d'apprendre une langue


What is Linguarana???

Linguarana is an app that you are able to create your own 'dictionary'. This site/app translates different words from any website and saves them in your vocabulary if you choose to save the word. Also there videos on various topics in the language that you are learning or with subtitles. A student is able to play games but in order to play the games one must have vocabulary words in their list - this will encourage students to learn words in order to unlock the games!
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What to do with Linguarana???

This app can easily be applied in the classroom and at home. This app allows students to form a list of vocabulary words that they find and do not understand or wanted to save for future reference. Therefore if we were doing readings or activities online using this app would allow students to be able to quickly find out the meaning of a word and be able to save it! Also there is an add on for chrome which you can turn on or off as you please - therefore a student would only have to turn on this app on there computer when they want to.


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What is Busuu???

Busuu is a language app! This app covers many topics from beginner phrases such as how are you to topics of law and family. Busuu uses many different ways to help the learner learn ranging from listening, matching, filling in the blank and multiple choice. The learner can also print off a vocabulary list from the category they are studying as well as save vocabulary words to your vocabulary list. Many of the features are free on this app - however some will require unlocking or being a premium member. One can also interact with others if they wish as well. Nevertheless there is a lot of good practice tools on this app that are of no cost!

How can we use Busuu in the classroom?

Busuu would be a great tool for starting off a new unit! It would introduce the students to vocabulary that they may come across in the unit they will be studying. Also this would be a great introduction activity because it shows you the word as well as its pronunciation.


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