Cold War Events

Tamirah Saleh

Arms Race

The United Sates competed Against The Soviet Union to make bigger and faster weapons. This picture shows The Arms Race because The Soviet Union and The United States are racing against each other with weapons. This event is Dangerous because they both used big weapons that could hurt more people.

Iron Curtain

A separation in Europe with the communist and noncommunist. This Picture explains how it was separated in europe with the communist and noncommunist.

The Iron Curtain event is dangerous because it could start a war between the communist and noncommunist.

Marshall Plan

The Unisted States gave Money to other nations that wanted to become communist so wouldn't become communist. THis picture shows how much money the United States paid other nations to not become communist. Its dangerous Because it fuels the competition against the communist and the United States.


The United States and Soviet Union going against each other in war. This Picture Show the Two leaders serious and staring at each other. This is dangerous because it could cause a war.

Berlin Wall

It was to stop people from coming in and out of Berlin This is dangerous because it could start a war with the communist and everyone else. This picture shows the berlin wall separating berlin from everyone else.