Why You Should Go To Australia

By: Austin Currie

The Reason Why You Should Go To Australia

The reason why you should go to Australia is because there are so many things that you could do there. When you go to Australia you could go deep sea diving and you can also spend a month in a 5 star hotel for only $4000 and you can even visit the Great Barrier Reef.

The famous singer Cody Simpson says that Australia is the country that he likes most because that's where he was born and raised. He also says that he enjoys cliff jumping and highly recommends doing it. Wouldn't you love to go cliff jumping?

There is also a once in a life time opportunity to spend a month in a 5 star hotel for on $4000, wow that an amazing deal. You can also go swimming, to a buffet, and you can also get a relaxing massage.

As you can see Australia is an Amazing Country and I bet you will never get bored there. I highly encourage you to go there.

The part that I would be most excited about is going to visit the Great Barrier Reef, and fall asleep on the beach.