Environmental Impact on Health

Katelyn Musselman & Ally Rowland

Air pollution

  • Comes from gases, liquids, or solids
  • Comes from a variety of sources including transport, industrial processes, and domestic stoves
  • Causes respiratory health problems, asthma

Bottled Water

  • Bottled water uses labor to take water everywhere so you can buy it. Also it produces gases in the air which causes air pollution when you burn it.
  • When the bottle gets recycled it has to be burned in order to make a new item with it. When burning the bottles it's labor intensive and gases are burnt off.
  • Bottled water causes learning and behavioral problems, also diabetes and obesity.

How can we get rid of pollution totally?

  • Air pollution: Put a limit on the time we use our car each day. Measure how many power stations there are in the city. We can also check the amount of industrial processes, environmental legislation and behavior change.
  • Bottled water: Try not to use bottled water, but instead use a reusable water bottle. If you do use bottled water make sure you throw the bottle in the recycling bins and not the ground.
  • Soil/ Ground: Keep the ground clean by not throwing your trash on the ground but throw it in the trash can.

Soil and ground pollutants

  • 50% is soilds and 50% is air and water pollution. If the 50/50 ratio gets messed up then the soil is not healthy anymore. Present soil has now lost 50 to 70 percent of the carbon dioxide within it.

  • The soil will not be able to be used to grow the things it needs to grow and that will make the air lose some of the oxygen it needs for us to breath.
  • If soil is not there or unhealthy it will not be able to house microorganisms which is needed to keep the earth how it is.
  • If there is infected soil it can cause differences in the genetic make up of your body, and sicken livestock which makes food poisoning in people.


How can individuals prevent or eliminate health issues in our environment?

  • Use recycled materials

  • Use less plastic materials and replace them with reusable materials

  • Try to eliminate the amount of virgin pulp and paper industry
  • Shop at chain stores to reduce the amount of car trips taken when shopping
  • Walk or ride bicycles to reduce the amount of gasses released into the air by cars/buses