Team Adams


Congrats Ladies

You all worked so hard and now you have a unique opportunity to have an amazing Director to lead you all. Kristin has worked incredibly hard and with all of your hard work, you guys have achieved a Directorship team.

So this now puts your team in the position of having access to more training, and guidance from corporate. Kristin will be trained more thoroughly about ways to maximize your sales, and help each of you thrive in your own business. It is very exciting!

So I want you all to know that I am also here to help you achieve the goals you set forth. I encourage you to write down your PV goal for the month. If you email it to me, i will write up a plan to get you to that goal in the time and hours per week that you have to work.

There is no pressure, I simply want to make it easier for you, I can take the planning off your plate. :)

Maximize your December

  1. Hold and Open House
  2. Swap and Save
  3. 1-1 (try to do 3)
  4. Face kits
  5. Social
  6. Cold Email (I will provide language)
  7. Know your WHY
  8. Write your Elevator pitch
  9. Gift Beautycounter, I encourage you to always give a $10 gift card!
  10. Followups from October

Email Language

I wanted to reach out and share something I hold dear to me in hopes of making a difference one friend at a time. I have taken a job working for a small company called Beautycounter and I want to tell you our story.

I have always been an advocate for health and my life has taken some turns that lead me down a path where it no longer was a luxury but necessity. I make great choices when in comes to cleaning my home, and buying my food but failed to see what I was doing to my body's largest organ, my skin.

I discovered Beautycounter in my search for safe products to use on myself and my family. We provide safe and gorgeous products that work while having the strictest screening process in the country. At Beautycounter we ban more than 1,500 toxic ingredients from our cosmetics, skin care and personal care products, in the US, the government only bans 11.

Our goal at Beautycounter is to educate others and share our story. We are a B corporation that values, people, planet and profit equally and advocate for human health.

I would love to share more with you about our products, and what we are doing as a company to help reform policy to protect American's from harmful ingredients that are linked to cancer, hormone disruption and infertility. Please let me know if you are interested in learning more about Beautycounter and what we can do for you! Thanks so much for your time!

XO, Ashley

Email me or call me for help!