NWEA MAP Assessment

Discover how MAP delivers data when you need it the most

Why MAP?

Little Elm ISD is incrementally transitioning from Renstar to NWEA MAP assessments. This decision was determined by a collective group of 40 district representatives from teacher, program specialist (ESL/Bilingual, Gifted, Special Education) and principal stakeholders. The district piloted MAP on the 6th grade student population this year at Powell and realized the results the assessment provided precisely indicate student needs based on specific Texas STAAR standards, predict STAAR performance with accuracy, track student growth throughout the academic year, and align to college and career readiness.


Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) are K – 12 interim assessments that measure growth, project proficiency on Texas STAAR assessments, and inform how educators differentiate instruction, evaluate programs, and structure curriculum. These computerized tests are adaptive and offered in Reading, Language Usage, Science and Mathematics.

This video tour will show you:

• the key features of MAP assessments

• how MAP helps schools transition to rigorous new state standards

• what teachers have to say about how MAP helps their students

• how MAP links to instructional content to inform individual learning paths


Grades 2, 5, 6, 7, & 8 will administer MAP this spring beginning May 1. Full district implementation for grades K-12 will begin August, 2016.

Testing select student populations this spring will assist in scheduling for the 2016-2017 academic year. To prepare for this administration, principals and their selected campus teams will attend district training hosted April 12th & 13th at Little Elm HS. Participants that attend the district training will share the learning in a campus based training for remaining instructional staff. Everyone will receive adequate training either at the district or campus level.

All teachers and administrators throughout the district received an automated email from Destination PD. Everyone that received the email needs to complete the below training modules to prepare for the transition. This applies even if you are not attending the district training. It will help you be prepared for your campus training. Campus training dates will be forthcoming from your principal.

Prerequisite Training Modules in Destination PD:

MAP Introduction - For all participants. This training addresses how MAP benefits your students (5 minutes)

Proctor Quick Start - For Proctors (All Teachers) and Data Administrators (Principals/Leadership). This training covers how to start and supervise testing (9 minutes)

Proctor Tools - For Proctors (All Teachers) and Data Administrators (Principals/Leadership). This training identifies the details involved in preparing and interrupting testing (13 minutes)

Where to Learn More - Destination PD 24/7 online learning

With an abundance of free resources as well as additional material to supplement your onsite workshops, Destination PD is your one-stop shop for online learning from NWEA.

• Help sustain and extend face-to-face workshop learning for participants, as well as staff who couldn’t attend.

• Provide new teachers with important information about the value of MAP for instruction.

• Give teachers tools for using MAP data to meet both daily and seasonal needs.

• Prepare proctors to offer an optimal assessment experience for students.

• Elevate prep time for Professional Learning Community (PLC) meetings with “small bite” learning options.

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