Steps for division with decimals

Steps of how to divide with decimals and whole numbers

Today you are learning how to divide decimals with whole numbers the right way!!

before you start dividing bring the decimal up!!!!!!!!!

Step 1. Make your house and write the problem

Step 2. when your done you carry the decimal point up on the roof

EXAMPLE. 54 divided by 59.4

Step 3. see how much times 54 can go into 59 when you figured it out write the number of how much times 54 can go into 59 write it next to the 9 because that was the highest number that can go into 54 so far.

Step 4. when you find out how much 54 can go into 59 you subtract 54-59 because 54 can go into 59 once.

Step 5. after you subtract which you should get is 5 you carry down the 4 because after you subtract once you bring down the next number

Step 6. next you should get 1 because 54 can go into 54 once

Step 7. after you write 1 again you subtract 54-54 because the 1 means you multiply by 54 and then you get 0

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