Concrete engineer

A career to follow on

Job description

concrete engineers are civil engineers who specialize in the design of structures that require concrete. they engineer the construction of a variety of structures, such as bridges, roads, dams and buildings. these professionals combine their knowledge of math, science and construction technology to create safe and functional structures. their median annual salary is $ 80,770

3 major aspects a concrete engineer needs


a concrete engineer requires significant formal education. because they create structures that people occupy every day so they need to be experts in the properties of concrete, the principles of design and the physics of construction. they need a bachelors degree which is a 4 year degree that would familiarize students with the theory and practices involved in design and construction. they also need a state license, which requires testing and job experience.


concrete engineers play a role in every aspect of the building process, from design conception to inspection of the completed structure. it involves constant interaction with construction workers, clients and other building professionals. they also need to make informed decisions as well as responsible for determining a projects budget.