We need to take terrorism seriously and put a stop to it.

Innocent lives are taken by terrorism

During the attack on Paris (November, 2015) 12 people were killed (10 staff members and 2 police officers), another 370 injured, 80-90 injured seriously. These weren't the first or last victims of a terrorist attack. How many more innocent lives have to be taken before we stand us to terrorism and put a stop to it?

The biggest problem is within our country

More Americans have conducted terrorist attacks since 2001 than any other group of people. 397 American citizens have conducted terrorist attacks compared to 39 legal residents, 10 refugees, 8 visa holders, 37 unknown or "other" citizenship. We should be trying to solve the problems in our country before we blame and shame another group of people for being terrorists, when its our own citizens doing most of the damage.


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