Jordan Drake

Stuff About Science

I absolutely love science. I love how science has so many real-world applications and is easy for me to understand majority of the time. Environmental science and chemistry are my favorite science classes that I've had so far. I cannot wait to learn all the things about physics with Mr. Shoe this semester.

Video Games

I'm a huge fighting game fan/player and i'm the president of the school's gamers club this year.

Summer Vacation

During the summer i went to Atlanta, Chicago, Las Vegas, Ohio, Mississippi, and Myrtle Beach.


I want to go to NC State University in Raleigh, North Carolina to major in Computer Science with a concentration in video game development, and a minor in Music. I also want to attend and win Evo, the world's largest fighting game tournament that is held in Las Vegas, Nevada every year in July.

My Hair

I'm pretty obsessed with my dreadlocks. They're easy for me to take care of and overall just look great on me so i'm glad to have them!

Extracurricular Activities

I'm a member of the beta club, national honor society, national technical honor society, president of the gamers club and i do a good amount of volunteer work at my church.