New York

13 colonies By: Alexandra Stover

Who was the fonder or starter of New York?

Peter Minuit started New York in 1626.
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What region is New York in?

New York is in the middle region.

What year did it become a state?

New York became a state in July 26, 1788.

What is New York's capital and its latitude and longitude?

New York's capital is Albany and its latitude and longitude is 42 degrees north and 73 degrees west.

What is the temperature in summer and winter? What is the Precipitation?

Summer: 85.3 degrees

Winter: 11.9 degrees

Rain/Snow: 39 inches


In the economy framing and furs were a big part of it.

Who were 2-3 famous people or leaders in the colony? Why were they famous?

Peter Stuyvesant was a big part of the colony even though he walked on a wooden leg he still had great energy and did thing that only government could do.

DeWitt Clinton was a person who took care of the money and leadership in the colony.

Where did the colony get its name?

Duke of York- the person who later became king James the second and brother of king Charles the second.

What was the main reason that people settled in New York?

They settled in New York because of trading furs with the Indians and also because New York was given exclusive trading rights.

Why would I want to live in New York?

I would want to live there because you would have good access to the water and there farm land was a good area to grow crops.

Why wouldn't I want to live in New York?

I would not want to live there because there was slavery.

What is New York's main religion?

New York's main religion was Protestantism.

What is New York's main Indian tribe?

There were a lot of them so two of them are Iroquois and Algonquians.

Fun Facts!!!

1) New York was originally a dutch colony.

2) First name for the colony was New Netherlands.

3) Children were taught to read by a hornbook.

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