How much does a hair transplant

How much does a hair transplant cost UK

UK that is officially known as The Kingdom of Great Britain is the most developed country in the Europe. This country is among those countries that are providing the best and latest health treatments to the patients. There are all types of hair treatments available in different cities of the country. Hair transplant is also offered to those suffering from baldness and hair loss. This technique is helpful for those who want to gain permanent hairs on their scalp. The treatment is much costly in the country as compared to the other developed countries around the globe. There are many factors that regulate the total prices of hair surgeries in the country. The most important is the education and experience of the surgeon who will perform surgery on a patient. The surgeons who have got relevant experience in their field are charging more fees as compared to others. They have spent years in getting expertise in this area, so they charge more money. Thos who have got their degree from renowned educational institutes also charge more fees. Inexpert and those who are new in transplantation field charge fewer fees from the patients.

The total cost of the treatments is totally based upon the number of follicles that are needed by a patient. This makes the price varying from one patient to another patient and form one clinic to another clinic. The patients who are on last stages of baldness according to Norwood’s scale need more hair grafts. They have to pay more money for their treatment. In most of the clinics in UK, as the number of grafts increases, the total price of a single graft also decreases. This also makes much difficult to calculate the average price needed for a transplant treatment in the country.

Another factor regulating the price is the method that a patient select for his or her hair surgical treatment. The oldest hair surgical method that is follicular unit transplant or traditional strip surgery is significantly cheap as compared to other hair surgeries. This method was introduced in the country in early 1990s. Patients can find many doctors in the country who are expert in performing this operation on the patients. The average price of this surgical method ranges from four thousand Pounds to fifteen thousand pounds. This can be obtained on a reasonable price form different cities.

Second method of hair transplant is known as follicular unit extraction or FUE. This method is newly introduced treatment in the country. It is the most costly hair surgical treatments available in the country. This method is introduces in the early 2000s, so a few surgeons are there in UK who can accurately perform this surgery. Those who can perform are charging a huge amount of fees from patients. This method also takes much time and effort of a surgeon. It is estimated that a patients’ needs from nine thousand to thirty one thousand Pounds, if he want to get this surgery from the UK.

These hair transplant surgeries are very much expensive in the country as compared to developing countries around the world. They are offering the same quality treatment as patients can get in UK. But they are charging a reasonable amount of fees from the patients. There is no medical insurance that can cover the price of this surgical treatment. Patients from the country visit the developing countries to get a cheap treatment. The money needed for hair surgery in the country can be used for buying a property or starting some business. There are some cities of the world that are offering a low price surgery to the patients.

It is very important for the prospective patients to find about How Much Does a Hair Transplant Cost UK. But despite the prices, they should visit such surgeons that have many years experience performing hair transplant in UK.