by Brandon Rea

Kangaroo Structure:

-Kangaroos have a very long, stiff tails to help them balance there bodies.

-They have four pairs of chewing teeth.

-With the help of there tails, they can jump up to 15ft.

-They use there tails to also help project them when they 'box'.

Kangaroo Behavior:

-Male Kangaroos will fight each other for dominance among each other.

-Females will only mate with dominant males.

-A group of Kangaroos, or mob, can range from a few Kangaroos to hundreds.

kangaroos biome:

-Kangaroos are mainly found in Australia, but have been found in New Guinea.

-They can survive in many habitats, but is mainly found in bush lands, Savannah, and grasslands.

Kangaroo breeding:

-They started looking like giant rats. But once they moved from South America to Australia, they evolved into today's kangaroos.

kangaroo diet:

-Kangaroos are herbivores. Meaning they only eat plants.

-The Tasmanian Devil and Dingo's are both predators of Kangaroos.

Interesting facts

-A kangaroo has tried to drown a human in 2009.

-kangaroos swim in water to get away from predators.

-there are over 10.5k kangaroos as of today.

-kangaroos can range from 4.9-6.9ft tall (1.5-2.1m)