The Extinct Ground Sloth

By Kaitlyn Marmouget

Megatherium Americanum

Megatherium Americanum is the scientific name for ground sloth. Megatherium Americanum is Greek.

Locomotion-How Did It Move?

The ground sloth walked on its hind legs to travel place to place.

Diet & Size

The ground sloth would eat plants (herbivore). They weighed about 4 tons and were about 20 feet long.

Habitat & Range

They liked to live in the woodland or grassy areas. They specifically lived in the South American region and adapted to the dry and hot environment.

Enemies & Defense Mechanisms

Their predators were the giant cat smilodon and dire wolves. The ground sloths would protect themselves by using their sharp claws.

Mass Extinction

The definition of Mass Extinction is when a whole species dies in a short time period.