Mack Brye Flute Solo

Allegretto by: Benjamin Godard

About the Composer: Benjamin Godard

Benjamin Louis-Paul Godard was born on August 18, 1849 in Paris, France. Benjamin was a child prodigy, of Henri Vieuxtemps, on the violin and as a growing young-adult, he composed symphonies, chamber works, concerti, and piano music. He composed six operas, five symphonies, two piano and two violin concertos, string quartets, sonatas for violin and piano, piano pieces and etudes, and more than hundred songs. He died tuberculosis on January 10, 1895 in Cannes, France at the age of 45.

About the Song: Allegretto

Allegretto is a piece by Benjamin Godard (1849-1895), created during the Romantic time period. Another alternate title of the piece if Allegretto from Suite of Three Pieces. Allegretto was made for the flute and piano in the key of B-flat major with three movements.