By: Gabriel Hernandez

Scotland Facts

Major Waters

One of the most common body of water is Loch Ness. An interesting fact about the Loch Ness is that people claim to have seen a mysteriously large creature in the water called the Loch Ness Monster.
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Major Landmarks

A well known landmark is Edinburgh Castle. It has been around for 100s of years. A cool fact about the Edinburgh Castle is that they have a big gun called the Mons Meg Cannon that shoots solid cannon balls that are three times bigger than a humans head.
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Scotland is ran by their own parliament but is ran by England's government because its joined by the United Kingdom.


The prime minister is named Alex Salmon.
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Rich or Poor?

Scotland is a rich country.
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Life Expectancy

They live up to about 76.3 years old.

Birth Rate

11.3% out of 1000 people had birth according to General Register Office of Scotland.

Literacy Rate

99% can read and write

Scotland's Drinking Water Source

They get their water source from the lochs, reservoirs and rivers and then clean it so its drinkable.


Their everyday clothing is like what we wear, but for wedding or special occasions they wear kilts.
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Major Language

The language that they speak is English.


The holidays that they celebrate is New years, 2nd January, Good Friday, Early May Bank, Spring Bank, St. Andrews Day, Christmas, Boxing Day.


Scotland is a Roman Catholic country.

Weather Conditions

The hottest temperature in Scotland is 19 *C or 66 *F in August. The coldest temperature is 5 *C or 41 *F in January. It rains more than half of the year, the rain that they have causes lots of severe flooding. There are small tornado's and earthquakes.

The Effects

Because of the floods that they have will cause lots of damage to there houses. They also have tornado's and earthquakes that can take damage to there houses.

Historic Events In Scotland

John Lou don Developed the Mcadamisation that helped with building roads.

James Hutton gave theories of how old the Earth was.

Similarities and differences

Scotland has a different environment then we do in USA . United States and Scotland both speak the same language. They eat different foods then we do, example: haggis that is a pudding that has sheep heart, liver, onions, lungs, oatmeal and spices. Scotland's time is 18 hours ahead of Texas. They wear the same clothes except for formal attire.
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