Kids Find a Talking Doll!

Scary Tales One-Eyed doll, James Preller

Whats Going on?

This book called The One Eyed Doll, three kids called Malik, Tiana, and Soda pop. They are on a treasure hunt and they come across this creepy old house which is told to stay away from. They want to look for the treasure and they come across this buried box in the backyard of the house and they dig it up and open the box to find a doll. Tiana then gets really obsessed with this doll and things get creepy. The doll is actually a doll that can move and talk to people and it is going to cause problems for the three kids. Malik is the most responsible so he needs to find out how to destroy the doll to stop the problems from occurring. Malik solves this by visiting the women who had gone insane in that old house to see if she has answers. After this Malik gets in a big fight with the doll and finally gains control of the doll and throws it in the river.

The Horror of the Story!

The Horror Music!

This song connects to the book in many ways. I think it connects to the book because when you listen to it and think of the doll and the old house and all the scary stuff in the book. I think that it makes you feel scared because since you are thinking of the book when hearing that song you would just think about how the doll pushed Malik down the stairs. I also think that the biggest reason that this song connects to the book is because of how the music builds up and I can relate that to the book because of when the problems build up.

Peder B. Helland

Dark Scary Suspense Music Instrumental by Peder B. Helland