PCP- Also known as Angel Dust

One try could ruin your life.

What is it?

PCP is also known as Angel Dust. It was used as an anesthetic used on patients. The user would experience hallucinations,and trance like, "out of body" experiences. It was banned in 1965 when they realized that patients who used it were very delusional when recovering from its anesthetic effects.

What does it look like?

PCP is a white, crystalline, powder.
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What are some common effects?

Some common effects are hallucinations, garbled speech, changes in awareness, shallow breathing, anxiety, hostility, amnesia, disorganized thinking, being very paranoid, seizures, coma, and DEATH.

How does it make the user feel?

PCP makes the user have hallucinations. They can make you see pleasant, floaty and "trippy" things, and make you feel like you're in a dream. Or, more commonly, it gives you horrible , nightmarish visions. It also makes you feel invincible. Like you can do anything, like carry the world or climb a tree and whatnot.

Is it possible to get addicted?

YES. It is most certainly possible. People often try it and then do it again and keep going and before they know it, they are addicted and can't quit. They wind up selling everything they own and are living on the street.

Is PCP illegal?

PCP is illegal. It was banned in 1965 because it made users agitated and delusional. People with high doses were taken to the emergency room because they displayed extremely violent and suicidal actions/ feelings.

How do people take it?

PCP can be snorted, smoked, inhaled, injected, or just plainly eaten. PCP also can be taken in tablet form. It comes in liquid, powder or pill form. No matter how you take it, its still terrible and just as harmful.

How do I get help?

There are numerous help centers and rehab facilities available. Get help immediately .