Atlantic ocean,Mnt St.Helen,and The Island Japan

Atlantic Ocean

If you wanna learn about the Atlantic ocean you're in for a treat!so you might wanna stick around to learn more.Some opportunities for the atlanic ocean are! You can wake up on a boat to the sound of waves hitting the boat and you'll get a nice sight to SEA!! Hehe get it. Some challenges are, you have to be in a boat or swim, and if you wanna swim its 20.54 miles just half way so good luck. Some travel tips are sharks could eat you if you swim, or you can drown. Or the sights and sounds on a boat. You might need to bring some t shirts shorts and possibly a bathing suit. Its 0.1 F in the water and above the water 50F

Mount saint helen

If you want to visit mount saint Helen gee WHY its a VOLCANO!!! You are crazy... Any ways you have to stay WAAAAAAY BACK!!! It might erupt in your face! Some opportunities are its cool to see when eroups , and nice to climb well before 1984 but any ways you get the point. Some challenges are well IT CAN COVER YOU WITH LAVA!!! And KILL YOU. Some travel tips are it can kill you so stay back like 30 miles. Its beutiful to see when its not eourping. You might wanna pack some shorts and t shirt beacuse its hot there. That brings us to the temperature, its 70F there... And that's mount saint helen

The Island Japan

If you want to visit Japan you might wanna read this. some opportunities are its fun to learn Japanese traditions, and read there Manga. Some challenges are there's tsunami's hurricanes, and floods. some travel tips are stay in the capital Tokyo, just because its nice for tourist to shop and enjoy the view. Pack some nice close and maybe a "how to speak Japanese book" because the kind of speak Japanese. Any ways thats it about japan

THE END BY: Zak N Curtis