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New England, Middle and Southern colonies

The Colonies

If you like to farm or trade, the English colonies are the place to be! With rich soil in the Middle and Southern colonies, your farms will blossom, and you'll end up rich! Some other things that these colonies have in common are that religion is very important and trading is a good business to be in everywhere. So come to the colonies, and enjoy your stay!

For the churchgoer

The New England Colony

This colony includes the Pilgrims and the Puritans, and even though it may not be the place to farm, it's a wonderful place to trade and go to church. If you really love church, than I would suggest the Puritans group; it mainly focuses on following church rules, that is a big part of their culture. The New England colony also offers great trading opportunities. However, it isn't very warm in this colony, which affects if people farm. Not many people in this colony are serious farmers because it has cold and harsh winters, and it's soil is thin and rocky. But, even if you can't farm, there are many other jobs that may suit you. These include, trading, cutting timber, and being a fisherman. these jobs aren't affected by the climate. Though there isn't much farming there are still natural resources like timber, fish and whales. With the timber, settlers can make ships. This colony also has it's own meeting house. Where churchgoing men who owned land could attend meetings.

For The Merchant

The Middle colony

The middle colony has a warmer climate, with rich soil, which makes a great base for farming. Farming was one of the main businesses, but, so was trading. People traded things like wheat, rum, and iron. The colonists grew the wheat on their farms.

This colony included the New Netherlands settlement, and they believed that people could study different religions and that violence was never necessary. This belief was followed by Quakers, who believed strongly in peace, and the freedom of religion.

For the Farmer

The Southern colony

The southern colonies climate was very hot. This colony also had rich soil and flat-lands, which proved to be great for farming things like, tobacco, and rice. Though farming is the main business, there are other jobs, like trading. Some things that this colony traded were, sugar, molasses, and enslaved African Americans. The southern colony was also the home to the Jamestown and Roanoke settlements. If your looking for a lot of room, Roanoke is the place to be. Plus it's very private because there aren't many colonists there. In another settlement (Jamestown) you can farm the new tobacco that John Rolfe discovered.It's worth a lot of money. Also the southern colony is mainly catholic based. Another part of their culture is that, there government is self ran. It''s called the house of Burgess.
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